Dr. Yerkes first political speech!

About The Campaign

Dr. Yerkes volunteers by providing free dentistry once a month at Chicago Dental Society Foundation.

Serving The Community

  • Dr. Yerkes, #DoctorY, volunteers by providing complimentary dentistry once a month at Chicago Dental Society Foundation
  • Dr. Yerkes is an active member of the St. Vincent De Paul Society
  • Dr. Yerkes has served St. Gerald Parish by being involved in a number of various organizations 
  • Dr. Yerkes coached basketball for 13 seasons at the grammar school level
  • As a WRITE IN Candidate KENNETH YERKES, Dr. YERKES Recieved 1039 Votes in 2018, Illinois Congressional District 3

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Term Limits and Never radical Left socialist marie newman!

  1. Over 80% of voters believe in term limits. Without term limits you have Money and Power Over People and Principles.
  2. Congratulations to Dan Lipinski for Winning in 2018.
  3. We need A Change in 2020 in Illinois Congressional District 3
  4. #WeThePeopleOfIllinois need to #TermLimitModerateDemocratDanLipinski or Challenge #ExtremeMarieNewman, a #RadicalLeftSocialist and her extreme Leftist Views on Abortion. Will she advocate for killing Developing Babies even in the 3rd Trimester? We need a #3rdTrimesterFreedomBill. If I run, I will advocate for such a bill that protects developing babies in the 3rd Trimester.
  5. Dr. Yerkes, "Doctor Y" is putting off making a Decision to Run For Congress from Illinois Congressional District 3 until August 2019.

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If Dr. Yerkes  decides to Run for Congress in August 2019, and you are interested in volunteering please, email him at  DoctorYForCongress@gmail.com .

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