About Me

Why am i running for the united states house of representatives?

I am running for #IL03 because...

  • Running For Congress is a Calling
  • I have the Talent and Leadership it takes to effect change
  • I have Strong Deep Convictions and Principles
  • I care about and will stand up for what is right, morality, ethics, and integrity.
  • I strongly feel that I am the best candidate for Illinois Congressional District 3, #IL03

how will i help #IL03

#PeopleAndPrinciplesOverMoneyAndPower is my motto.

I will commit to Quarterly Town Hall Meetings.

I Hope to #ExpandTheMiddleClass.

I will be  a strong advocate for Seniors, and will work to Strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

We need to #Validate Our Elections by Fingerprinting All Voters.

I will advocate for Immigration Reform, and understand the plight of Immigrants. 

I will expect all to follow our laws, and I am Against Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities that house and protect criminals.

I will be a strong advocate for human rights, including the rights of all developing human beings.


Regarding Medicaid, Medicaid should first and foremost should be available to our disabled and not those able to work and earn a living for themselves.

How do i get there?

I NEED YOU! The only way I can win is with your help! I need you to vote and tell others about my Write In Campaign!

#PeopleAndPrinciplesOverMoneyAndPower is #MyCampaignSlogan

#WeThePeopleOfIllinois need to EXPAND the MIDDLE CLASS!

#MiddleClassTaxCuts is a start, #BalancingOurBudget is better, and #ReducingOurFederalDeficit is even better!

Please Volunteer by Emailing me: