Dr YERKES For Congress



Why did I Run for United States Congress in 2018?


was My Political Campaign Slogan.

I was a #WriteInCandidate,

Kenneth YERKES

I ran for United States Congress in  Illinois, District 3


In the General Election in 2018.

For me, Running for United States Congress was a Calling. It was a Calling to Serve My Country. My departed mom, "Grandma Joanie," and my dad, "Papa Dave" are my heroes.

My dad, David Yerkes Sr., served in Our United States Army as a Sergeant in Korea.

I am just a "Regular Joe" who ran for Congress, and I strongly believe that I have the Leadership abilities to bring about a positive change in the United States Congress. I have many talents and experiences that I can bring to Washington D.C.

Being a full-time healthcare provider and having an additional professional degree, a Master's Degree in Education, along with being a  owner of a Small Business for over 36 years, is a profile that few candidates can match.  

The strength of my character, integrity, and honesty, that I possess is a strength from which I can count on to expose corruption, and make Our Government more transparent in the process.